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Why we have to say “Danke” to the DANK-Haus

By Mona B Not only for the past week’s Maifest, but also for more than 150 public cultural programs per year, the Lincoln Square Chamber of Commerce and the Lincoln … Continue reading

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Why you need to go “German” on this year’s Father’s Day

By Mona B This week’s fun fact: Father’s Day in German Father’s Day is coming up so why not take a second, sit back and talk about the origin of … Continue reading

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Fun Facts about Germany!

By Mona B This week’s Fun Fact: The Maytree (or as a German would say: Der Maibaum) Did you ever ask yourself why there is that giant decorated tree stem … Continue reading

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Escape the Day with BLOOM YOGA STUDIO

By Mona B This week we would like to feature one of the city’s most peaceful places: The Bloom Yoga Studio. There is something special about this Yoga Center on … Continue reading

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A Piece of Berlin in Lincoln Square

By Mona B Fun Facts about Lincoln Square: Did you know you have a piece of some of the greatest history right here in Lincoln Square? A piece of the … Continue reading

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Why Small Biz Owners Should Take Time Off

by Melissa Flynn Speaking to any small business owner, it’s very clear that time is the resource they lack the most. There is always one more thing to do and … Continue reading

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How Customers Can Influence Business to go Green

by Melissa Flynn This past week was Earth Week, and were all supposed to spend all seven saving the planet. Earth Week, going green, carbon credits, LEED certified, it can … Continue reading

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How To Assure People Read, Respond To Your E-Mails

by Melissa Flynn Responsiveness, where do you rank? I am the first to admit I’m not always the best at getting back to people in a timely fashion. It is … Continue reading

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How To Take Your Business Online

by Melissa Flynn For many entrepreneurs, taking a business online is a daunting task. However, having an online presence where customers can interact with your company and purchase items or … Continue reading

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How To Rethink Your Business

by Melissa Flynn Sometimes we all need a little push to do what we know we should do in our businesses. It is easy to get caught up in the … Continue reading

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