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To be at the right place at the right time

by Mona B

This week we are featuring one of our most active Chamber Members: Provenance Food and Wine

After opening their first independently-owned, neighborhood specialty shop in Logan Square in 2006, Tracy decided to come to Lincoln Square. “When we first inquired in Lincoln Square, the people in the neighborhood and especially the Chamber of Commerce had been very welcoming.”, Tracy says. And even though, 2312 W. Leland Ave. is an “odd” location, they have established themselves very quickly in the Square and have loved being here since 2008!

And that was also when the Provenance-Team decided to become as active as possible with their community. “We were able to experience the help and the impact of the Chamber with our own business, after that, we decided to make an impact ourselves.” And that’s what they do: A very special independently-owned, neighborhood specialty store! Provenance Food & Wine sponsors almost every neighborhood event and they help out whenever they can.

Food with Responsible Ingredients

Provenance Food & Wine has everything your heart desires: wine, oils, vinegars, ice creams, homemade crackers, sauces, pickles, breads & other baked goods, chocolate, pasture-raised meats and a small selection of fresh, seasonal produce, (the list goes on and on). They are the only store in Chicago for many products they provide and with their huge international variety of products, they classify themselves as a unique star in the city of Chicago.

Their quality products range from the practical to the inspirational. Its always fun to shop there and their great service really shows that they care about finding the perfect product for you.

They have developed great relationships with local food artisans and growers and independent producers and focus on where the products come from. They support local producers and shops and work with many small artisans who don’t have the economies of scale that big producers have. “We  try to support them and create a platform for other local economies”, Tracy says.

“We have a little bit of everything”

And that also means “a little bit for everybody”. Their prices range widely, there bottles of wine are between $10 and $20, and there are products for every budget. “You might pay a little more but you also know where your food comes from and it’s very special”. And that is true. Tracy knows her artisans and growers by their names and can tell you a story about every single one of the products.

Become an Amazing Gift Giver

If you are looking for something very special to give to a friend or a family member you’ve found the right place! Provenance Food & Wine makes every gift basket to order, you just have to pick out a theme or simply give them your price range and they will make you an incredible unique gift.

Check out their website or simply stop by at 2312 W. Leland Ave and experience the shop for yourself!

And don’t forget: Thursday Wine Tastings at Provenance Food & Wine

Every Thursday their Lincoln Square shop hosts a free wine tasting. Tastings are done in an informal, open-house format. Stop in to try some good juice!

Thanks Tracy and the Team of Provenance Food & Wine for making our neighborhood just a little bit more special!


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