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Troquet – “Bar” en Français

by Mona B

If you look up “Bar” in a French dictionary you will find the word “Troquet”, with explanations like casual, simple and classy.

Located on 1834 W Montrose Ave right in between our two beautiful neighborhoods Ravenswood and Lincoln Square, a unique bar was created that fulfills the pleasure of the simple “French Cuisine”.

Opening at noon, Troquet, which is owned by the LM Restaurant Group, is a great destination for lunch and dinner – or simply a glass of wine and a snack in between.

Troquet’s menu is very simple, non of the dishes or drinks are over $12, however, it includes all you need to have a unique experience.

Serving many classic French dishes like the Croque, the French Dip or the Duck Confit, Troquet provides a variety of Cheeses and Meats on their popular Plate du Fromage and their Charcuterie. If you only order those and combine it with one of the French wines you already won: Simple but great! Or as the French would say: Formidable!

Classic French Dip with melted Brie Cheese on top and Fries

Troquet offers a different “Plat du jour”, soup of the day, quiche of the day (home-made!) and a different Fish of the day every day. On top of that, they have quite a few specials:

Their “Lunch prix fix: ” which is served all week from 12:00 to 5:00 pm includes the following:

Starter+Entree OR Entree+Dessert (starters: small soup or small charcuterie; entrees: plat du jour or choice of salad; desserts: one dessert or one cheese) for just $13

Their daily specials include the following:

Monday: $10 croque monsieur or vegetarian + a pint (pairing chosen by our head bartender)
Tuesday: $11 moule-frites + a pint (pairing chosen by our head bartender)
Wednesday: $12 charcuterie plate + a glass of wine
Thursday: a dessert offered with the purchase of a cocktail (limited to one per person)

Also, their house-made fries with their horseraddish aioli are to die for. And their Cocktail menu is amazing.

A little story at the end: The Jessica Martini

Anthony (the bar manager – hilarious guy btw) has a sister. Her name is Jessica. When she decided to get married, she only had one wish from her little brother: She wanted a signature cocktail for her wedding. Anthony created an amazing cocktail with home-made basil vodka and made his sister a delicious wedding present. Why is it called Jessica Martini? Believe it or not, Jessica got married to Mr. Martini.

To sum up, Troquet is a great place and a true “French Neighborhood Bar”, managed by “Monsieur Charly”, a true Frenchmen, who makes sure everything stays casual and “French”. True pleasure when it comes to food and a great and unique cocktail menu for little money. Check it out! Go to their website or simply walk in for “The Real French Deal”.

Thanks to Charlie and LM for creating this unique place for our neighborhoods! Merci!


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