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How Suzy Gave The Word “Bookstore” A New Meaning

by Mona B

If you haven’t been to THE BOOK CELLAR yet, this is a MUST-DO if you love books, or wine, or people. This not so little Independent Book Store is located in the heart of Lincoln Square and is probably the most unique Book Store this city has ever seen.

Susan Takacs who has been in Lincoln Square for more than 8 years now, has two favorite things: Books and Wine – which lead to a now very successful idea.

On 4736 North Lincoln Avenue, Suzy has build up a great place not only to shop for books, but a place where you can actually “enjoy” books. Living in the neighborhood herself, Suzy tries to create a cozy family environment that is unique to Lincoln Square.

They have a very curated book selection, there is a book for everyone: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Childrens’ books, German language books, a very big literary selection, a huge collection of Chicago books, audio books and much more. Special about them: They also sell E-Books!

And even more special: THE BOOK CELLAR adds a personal note to their different sections and books. On a handwritten note, Suzy and her employees make sure to explain what the book is about so that everybody finds “the right” book.

And even more more special: Every week, Suzy and her team select their “Staff Picks” and write their comments and ratings on little notes next to the books in the front shelf.

Staff Picks

They are ‘Local”

THE BOOK CELLAR does a lot to support Lincoln Square and its community. Almost every night, they have “Author Night” with a local author reading and presenting his or her work. They have regular “Storytimes” for children and work closely with the Old Town School of Folk Music. They have a quarterly event with the Swedish Covenant Hospital and do everything to support local schools.

“We are a better store because of the Community we are in”

THE BOOK CELLAR loves their community and we love them! Check out their Website or simply go their for a glass of wine or a cold beer and enjoy a book or a magazine (they have a huge selection of magazines, too).We are proud to have you, BOOK CELLAR! Thank you very much for being our special unique book store!


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