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Escape the Day with BLOOM YOGA STUDIO

By Mona B

This week we would like to feature one of the city’s most peaceful places: The Bloom Yoga Studio.Bloom Yoga Studio

There is something special about this Yoga Center on Rockwell Ave. And to put it in Kerry Maiorca’s words: “The feeling is just right”. Bloom Yoga Studio seems to fit perfectly in the Lincoln Square community. It presents a warm and friendly aura that just welcomes you – without that fancy, exotic face known from other yoga studios. Read this post and find out why we love Bloom Yoga Studio!

When Kerry and her husband Zach first offered yoga classes they wanted to get their friends and family to start with yoga. With the simple philosophy of “Yoga is good for you”, Kerry and Zach started with 3 classes per week and are now operating a beautiful yoga studio with two great yoga rooms, more than 30 yoga instructors and massage therapists, and over 50 classes per week. And believe it or not even though there is so much going on, it still feels like a little oasis of peace, quiet and happiness.

Over the past seven years, Bloom was able to continously live up to their philosophy: Support in creating a community where the pursuit of health and happiness is a normal part of daily life. What distinguishes Bloom from other Yoga facilities is that they were able to create a space for everybody. It is a studio from family and friends for family and friends. They were able to create a community which is easlily accessible: You can just drop in. You don’t have to sign up for a class in advance and they are open every day and happy to answer all of your questions.

The Bloom Yoga Studio

 Bring the whole Fam!

Another reason to love Bloom Yoga Studio is that you can bring the whole family! The team  behind Kerry and Zach offers classes and workshops for all ages starting from pre-natal and mama-get-togethers to adults and family sessions.”Everybody needs an escape from the daily stress”, Kerry says, “even the little ones”. And she is right. Bloom does not only show you how to make your life a little bit “more happy and healthy”, they educate you how to do it in a simple way. Without being to serious they show you how yoga can influence your life – even if you don’t actually go to yoga class that day. “It’s the little things that make a difference”. Try out one of their free trial sessions every first Saturday of the month.

 Bloom cares about Lincoln Square!

“Lincoln Square is the ideal place to live and work”, Kerry Maiorca says, “everything that I need to do I can do here”.    Bloom Yoga Studio continously tries to support the community of Lincoln Square. If it is with a fundraiser for cancer research, getting their supplies from local businesses or being “green” by only using environmental-friendly building materials. In addition to that, Bloom is there when we need them. Whenever there is a community event coming up make sure to open your eyes for Kerry and Zach and their smiling team, because they will be there!

The Lincoln Square Chamber is glad to have an award winner with us. With their friendliness, Bloom enlightens the neighborhood and by offering special classes like candlelight yoga and lakefront sessions, Bloom has clearly upgrated itself from being “just”a local Yoga Studio to a destination point for Yoga and Wellness lovers from all over the city and for those who want to become one!

Did you know

Bloom has been voted for the best Yoga Studio in 2007, 2009 and 2011 by CitySearch and in 2010 and 2011 by The Chicago Reader. So, if you are not already in your Yoga pants, check our their lovely website on and give yourself a break!


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